Le Salon de George Sand

July 9, 2014 | By Claudia Barbieri | Daytrips From Paris

At Home with George … And Frédéric, Franz, Eugène … George Sand’s House in Nohant. © Etienne Revault-CMN In 1821, a 17-year-old girl named Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin, who would one day become George Sand, inherited a small manor house, the Manoir … Read More


July 9, 2013 | By Heidi Ellison | Daytrips From Paris

A Destination, Not an Airport The Maladrerie Saint Lazare, where the lepers of Beauvais once lived. Photo: ParisUpdate.com Every time I mention to friends that I have visited Beauvais, they laugh. This can be explained by the fact that many … Read More

Maison Jean Cocteau

June 22, 2010 | By Heidi Ellison | Daytrips From Paris

Jean Cocteau in front of his house in Milly-la-Forêt on July 24, 1963. © KEYSTONE-FRANCE/Keystone/Eyedea Presse Jean Cocteau (1889-1963) is a slippery character. It’s hard to get a grip on who he was and what he did, partly because he … Read More

Europe XXL

March 24, 2009 | By Heidi Ellison | Daytrips From Paris

The city of Lille inaugurated a major cultural festival called “Europe XXL” on March 14 with a massive parade, the burning of giants papier-mâché falla sculptures (a heritage of the time when the city was part of the Spanish Netherlands), … Read More

Little-known Gardens

July 30, 2008 | By Helen Stokes | Daytrips From Paris

Summer Parking The new Parc Clichy Batignolles is a huge success in park-starved Paris. The promenade plantée, an elevated park built on top of the Viaduc des Arts along the Avenue Daumesnil in Paris, is now a familiar part of … Read More