Galerie Perrotin

Strange Dreams

Through March 27, 2021 | | By Heidi Ellison

One of Paris’s leading contemporary art galleries, Perrotin, in the Marais, is currently holding two exhibitions of interest. The first, “Inner Songes,” features the work of Jens Fänge, a Swedish artist I was unfamiliar with but was more than happy … Read More

Massimo De Carlo Pièce Unique

Open Window on Art

Through February 27, 2021 | | By Heidi Ellison

Defying the pandemic-induced gloom in the gallery world, commercial spaces seem to be proliferating in Paris’s Marais, with two new ones recently opened, both by Italian gallerists. The latest addition, the tiny Massimo De Carlo Pièce Unique, couldn’t be more … Read More


Chance Encounters

Through March 20, 2021 | Galleie Michel Rein | By Heidi Ellison

A small exhibition in a gallery hidden away in a courtyard in the Marais is garnering high praise from some of the powers-that-be in the Paris art world. At the opening, the head curator of a major contemporary art museum … Read More

Galleria Continua

Anarchic Art Space

Through February 20, 2021 | Galleria Continua | By Heidi Ellison

Paris has a new art gallery, Galleria Continua, the likes of which it has never before seen, and Parisians are happily queuing up to get in. Forget about the forbiddingly austere and elegant white-cube gallery that is the norm here … Read More

David Hockney: Ma Normandie

Four Seasons in France

Through February 27, 2021 | Galerie Lelong | By Heidi Ellison

On a gloomy January morning in Covid-ridden Paris when nothing seemed to be going right, my spirits suddenly lifted when I walked into the Galerie Lelong in the eighth arrondissement and got an eyeful of David Hockney’s recent paintings, made … Read More

Jim Dine: A Day Longer

Like the Wind

Through January 23, 2021 | Galerie Templon | By Heidi Ellison

Distressingly for art lovers, the reopening of museums in France has been postponed from December 15 to January 7, but the good news is that small art galleries are open. One exhibition well worth seeing is “A Day Longer,” a … Read More

Hubert Duprat

Studio-Grown Art

Through February 14, 2021 (to be confirmed) | Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris | By Heidi Ellison

The better-known names of photographer Sarah Moon and painter Victor Brauner are the big attention-getters at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris right now, but upstairs is a show (which had only a few visitors the day I was there, … Read More

Man Ray and Fashion

Rag Trade to Riches

Through January 17, 2021 | Musée du Luxembourg | By Heidi Ellison

Man Ray was Surrealism’s jokester and jack-of-all-arts. The impish-looking American was a painter (not a very successful one, though he saw it as his primary talent), photographer (known for his pioneering photograms, or “rayograms,” and many iconic images, such as … Read More

Tobey or Not To Be

The American Picasso

Through February 27, 2021 | Galerie Jeanne Bucher Jaeger | By Heidi Ellison

I rarely review gallery shows on Paris Update because there are just so many of them in the city that it would be outside the scope of the site, but every once in a while an exhibition goes beyond the … Read More