Certificates of Presence

Through September 22, 2024 | Maison Caillebotte | By Heidi Ellison

We have already sung the praises of the Maison Caillebotte, the family home of Impressionist painter Gustav Caillebotte, on Paris Update, and now we have a new reason to return to one of our favorite bucolic escapes from the jungle … Read More

Doble Moral, Ongoing

Beyond Buns in the Oven

Through April 28, 2024 | La Boulangerie! | By Chloe Baker

Beaded curtains are a familiar feature of bakeries in warm climates, drawn across doorways to fend off winged creatures tempted by sweet delicacies. As if nodding to the tradition, a photo of one is suspended in the window of La … Read More

Demain Est Annulé

Activist Art

Through September 29, 2024 | Espace Fondation EDF | By Heidi Ellison

With all the ongoing attacks by climate activists on famous artworks – the most recent, the notorious (pumpkin?) soup-bombing of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre last week, which made headlines around the globe – the art world is finding … Read More