Japon-Japonismes: Objets Inspirés

The Shock of the New

Through March 3, 2019 | Musée des Arts Décoratifs | By Heidi Ellison

While visiting the exhibition “Japan-Japanisms: Inspired Objects” at Paris’s Musées des Arts Décoratifs, it occurred to me that modern Western art as we know it might have been something entirely different if the arts and crafts of Japan hadn’t suddenly … Read More

Grayson Perry: Vanity, Identity, Sexuality

A New Man

Through February 3, 2019 | La Monnaie de Paris | By Heidi Ellison

I remember the shock of seeing Grayson Perry’s work for the first time at an exhibition in London. What appeared to be beautiful, classically made vases turned out, upon closer inspection, to be decorated with images of abused and neglected children. … Read More

JR: Momentum

Visual Messages Writ Large

Through February 10, 2019 | Maison Européenne de la Photographie | By Heidi Ellison

Anyone who has seen the moving film Visages Villages by director Agnès Varda and photographer JR was probably especially touched, as I was, by the sweet-natured and talented JR. This young (now 35) Frenchman became famous for his guerrilla wheatpasting … Read More


Academic Treatment for 'Little Cubes'

Through February 25, 2019 | Centre Pompidou | By Heidi Ellison

Why did painted images start to crack up, as if seen in a broken mirror, under the hands of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in 1907? As you will learn if you visit the exhaustive exhibition “Cubism,” covering the period … Read More