Cantine Russe Restaurant

Flashback to the '80s

16th arrondissement Non-French€€€

Men armed with Kalashnikovs circled the room. Loud popping sounds filled the air. Tensions were running high. We froze as one of the men carrying a Kalashnikov approached our table and lowered his gun, pointing it at my glass. Vodka … Read More

Alleudium Restaurant

New Addition to Gourmet Hood

9th arrondissement Contemporary French€€€

Alleudium is one of those restaurants that had the bad luck to open just before Covid struck and Paris went into lockdown, but it has managed to survive in what may actually be a propitious location: the unprepossessing Rue de … Read More

Hôtel Rochechouart Restaurant

Good-Looking Decor and Customers

9th arrondissement Classic French€€€

What a shock to walk down the seedy Boulevard de Rochechouart during lockdown and come across a building with a beautiful Art Deco facade and a large, perfectly appointed brasserie visible through the window. Where had it come from? In … Read More

Achi Restaurant

Achi Parmentier

11th arrondissement Contemporary French€€€Paris Update Favorite

The slowly gentrifying Avenue Parmentier in Paris’s 11th arrondissement has a new restaurant, Achi, that will certainly speed up the process, in the best sense. The kitchen is manned by yet another convert from the business world – computer scientist-turned-chef … Read More