Tawlet Paris Restaurant

Lebanese Buffet

11th arrondissement Non-French€€Paris Update Favorite

Tawlet Paris, the hot new restaurant of the moment, is the long-dreamed-of love child of Kamal Mouzawak, the founder of Beirut’s first farmers’ market, whose mission is to promote sustainable agriculture and the traditional foods of Lebanon. In his restaurant … Read More

Salicorne Restaurant

Back to Batignolles

17th arrondissement Contemporary French€€Paris Update Favorite

My friend Terry lives in the Batignolles quarter of Paris, which has an abundance of restaurants of every genre and level of quality. Together, she and I are seeking out the best ones. Two great recent discoveries were Mova and … Read More

Lolo Restaurant

Lit Up with Joy

9th arrondissement Contemporary French€€€Paris Update Favorite

My friend and I were afraid that we would be kicked out of Lolo, a restaurant only a few weeks old, for not being lit enough, but in spite of lacking the cool credentials of the young, über-trendy customers, we … Read More

Taco Loco Restaurant

Mexican Fiesta

19th arrondissement Non-French€€

Good Mexican food is not easy to find in Paris, so when a friend told me that there was a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant around the corner from her, run by a Mexican family and guaranteed to be authentic by a … Read More

Tzantza Restaurant

Lounge Lizard Dining

1st arrondissement Non-French€€€

The friend who chose the restaurant Tzantza for a dinner for eight the other night picked it because she liked the look of the cocktail list. That was a good indicator of what we were in for: cocktails, a lounge … Read More

Diggity Restaurant

Hot Dog!

11th arrondissement Contemporary French€€Paris Update Favorite

Diggity is distinguished from most other Paris restaurants not only by its unusual name but also by a sense of humor and a laid-back attitude. One example of the latter: dogs are allowed, so we brought our favorite Labrador, Pia, … Read More

Jujube Restaurant

Fabulous Fusion

18th arrondissement Contemporary French€€€Paris Update Favorite

Jujube is a new restaurant in Montmartre where you won’t find any of the usual bistronomic dishes on the menu. Named after an exotic fruit and billing itself as a “restaurant d’auteur,” it serves wonderfully executed African/Asian/South American/European/fusion with fascinating … Read More