Yaya Restaurant

Cliché-Free Greek Cuisine

19th arrondissement Non-French€€Paris Update Favorite

Friends who have been to Greece (I haven’t yet, unfortunately) say that the food is simple, fresh and delicious, although others add that such dishes as moussaka and souvlaki can become rather monotonous. Not having much experience with Greek restaurants … Read More

Adar Restaurant

Rites of Passage

2nd arrondissement Bistro€€

Ever since I tasted his hybrid French-Israeli cooking at the restaurant Fulgurances some three years ago, I’ve been waiting for the young chef Tamir Nahmias to set up on his own. Fait accompli, but his new place, Adar, in the … Read More

Colchide Restaurant

Caucasian Comfort

18th arrondissement Non-French€€Paris Update Favorite

When I heard that the food of Georgia (in the Caucasus, not the southern United States) was the latest national cuisine craze, I went looking for one in Paris. I found Colchide in the 18th arrondissement and dragged my friend Bill … Read More

Anona Restaurant

Good Conscience Dining

17th arrondissement Contemporary French€€€Paris Update Favorite

The restaurant Anona, in Paris’s 17th arrondissement, is named in honor of the custard apple (annone in French), a scaly fruit that is scary-looking on the outside but sweet, creamy and vitamin-packed inside. The analogy does not apply to the … Read More

Brasserie du Louvre-Bocuse

Where's the Bocuse Spirit and Oomph?

1st arrondissement Bistro€€€

The Hôtel du Louvre recently reopened after a major renovation by Hyatt, but its brasserie looks exactly the same, with brass rails, booths with red banquettes and mirrored walls. The only apparent difference is that “Bocuse” has been tacked on … Read More

Pastore Restaurant

The Shepherd Knows the Way

9th arrondissement Non-French€€€Paris Update Favorite

When I heard that Lorenzo Sciabica, the chef at the new Italian restaurant Pastore (“shepherd” in Italian, located on Rue Bergère, “shepherd” French), in Paris’s ninth arrondissement, had formerly worked at Osteria Ferrara, owned by one of my favorite Italian … Read More