Grande Brasserie

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4th arrondissement Classic French€€€Paris Update Favorite

Brasseries used to be the reliable mainstay of Paris’s restaurant world, open seven days a week and serving seafood platters and familiar dishes, usually of good quality. Nowadays, however, there are fewer of them, and the quality of many has … Read More

HuThoPi Restaurant

Utopian Dining

12th arrondissement Contemporary French€€, €€€Paris Update Favorite

HuThoPi, a newish restaurant in the 12th arrondissement, has one of those corny names made up of the first letters of the owners’ names – childhood friends Hugo Lafont, Thomas Cuny and Pierre Le Lard – but it has the … Read More

Perception Restaurant

No Salt and Pepper

9th arrondissement Contemporary French€€€, €€€€Paris Update Favorite

I have always wondered how the best chefs come up with new recipes. Obviously, their prior experience and inspiration from other chefs play major roles – let’s not even mention those who just follow the trends or outright copy the … Read More