Le Récepteur

Summer Surprise

16th arrondissement Bistro€€€Paris Update Favorite

On a recent Sunday afternoon, I was planning to give an architectural tour in the 16th arrondissement and was looking for a good restaurant in the area that would be open on Sunday evening, a near-impossible task. My two first … Read More

La Bécane à Gaston Restaurant

Too Much Like Home

10th arrondissement Bistro€€€

Another week, another slightly disappointing restaurant. This is getting tiresome. Once again, a friend and I had high hopes for a bistro, La Bécane à Gaston, based on word-of-mouth recommendations. Decor-wise, La Bécane resembles the restaurants I have reviewed in … Read More

Trois B

Juggling with Three Balls

19th arrondissement Bistro€, €€

I love meatballs. Who doesn’t? Well, vegetarians, I guess, but even they can eat at Trois B, a new restaurant in the 19th arrondissement specializing in “balls.” It is not the only one, however. The first one, reviewed here, had … Read More

Le Maquis

Taming the Maquis

18th arrondissement Bistro€€Paris Update Favorite

Not much is happening gastronomically out near the northern edge of Paris, although there are some cool places like the eco-friendly café/restaurant the Recyclerie. Now, however, a modest little bistro with equally modest prices and above-average food has opened. It’s … Read More

Padam Padam

A Bit of This and a Bit of That

18th arrondissement Bistro€€

I had high hopes for the new Montmartre restaurant Padam Padam (presumably named after Édith Piaf’s famous song) after reading a highly complimentary review in a French magazine, Télérama, which noted that the cheffe, Marine Thomas, had previously worked with … Read More

La Thith Cantine

No More Numbers

17th arrondissement Non-FrenchParis Update Favorite

Remember when all Asian restaurants had overwhelming menus with pages and pages and pages of dishes? To avoid confusion, you had to order by the number assigned to each dish. Those restaurants still exist (I ate at one in Paris … Read More

Virtus Restaurant

New Home, New Michelin Star

12th arrondissement Contemporary French€€€€Paris Update Favorite

Two hot chefs, Chiho Kanzaki and Marcelo Di Giacomo, have moved their restaurant Virtus to a new location in the 12th arrondissement, formerly the home of Petter Nilsson‘s regretted La Gazzetta and then Simone Tondo’s less-regretted Tondo. It’s a great … Read More