Salatim Restaurant

No Pita, No Personality

2nd arrondissement Non-French

The tsunami of Japanese chefs taking over French restaurants in Paris might tend to obscure another big trend: Israeli restaurants. Since we reviewed the wonderful Miznon, the Paris outlet of famed chef Eyal Shani (who claims to have invented Israeli … Read More

Automne Restaurant

Mixed-up Seasons

11th arrondissement Bistro€€, €€€

Automne is a long, narrow, nondescript little French restaurant in the 11th arrondissement with pale-green walls, wooden tables and an open kitchen in the back, where self-taught chef Nobuyuki Akishige labors away (the restaurant’s full name is “Restaurant Automne par Nobuyuki … Read More

GAG Restaurant

The GAG Reflex: More Fat, Alcohol and Gluten

2nd arrondissement Bistro€€

First, a word about the unfortunate name of the new restaurant GAG. The French know, and use all the time, the English word “gag” to mean “joke.” But apparently they don’t know its other meaning: “to choke or to retch.”In this … Read More

Coup d’Œil

Worth a Glance, then Another

11th arrondissement Bistro€€Paris Update Favorite

Incredibly, the ground-floor shops of some of the prime real estate in the heart of Paris are still occupied by wholesalers selling clothing, leather goods and jewelry, which makes for a rather dismal atmosphere in the neighborhoods where they are … Read More

Bouillon Pigalle

What the People Want

18th arrondissement Bistro€, €€Paris Update Favorite

Bravo to Pierre and Guillaume Moussié, the brothers behind the highly popular bar and bistro Chez Jeannette and the Hôtel Providence, for coming up with the brilliant idea of opening a modern-day bouillon, Bouillon Pigalle. What is a bouillon? you ask? It’s … Read More

Mr. T

The Temptations of Mr. T

3rd arrondissement Bistro€€€Paris Update Favorite

The Mr. T at the trendy Paris restaurant of the same name is not a bulked-up wrestler with a warrior’s hairstyle and gold chains, but a rather petit Japanese chef, Tsuyoshi Miyazaki, who is scarcely visible above the countertop in … Read More

The Paris Update Restaurant Awards

Best 10 Restaurants of 2017

1st arrondissement Bistro

Restaurant of the year Le Desnoyez Small and cozy, with great food and low prices. Best New Bistro Eels All-around goodness for great prices. Best Value for Money Café du Coin Unassuming but pretty (decor), friendly (service) and delicious (food). … Read More


Out of Tune with Its Surroundings

16th arrondissement Classic French€€€

Radioeat has a lot in common with its predecessor, the now-defunct Tokyo Eat, namely the same manager and chef (respectively, Eric Wapler and Thierry Bassard), huge size and great decor in an unusual setting (the Maison de Radio France for … Read More