Coda Restaurant

Humble Brilliance

9th arrondissement Contemporary French€€Paris Update Favorite

Coda is a restaurant to fall in love with. It’s very small (seats 18) and has no decor to speak of, aside from a strange lighting fixture on the ceiling made with plumber’s pipes. All the beauty comes out of … Read More

Haikara Restaurant

A Night at the Izakaya

11th arrondissement Non-French€€Paris Update Favorite

Izakayas like Sōma are a welcome new addition to the Paris cuisine scene. The local version of these Japanese tapas bars run the gamut from holes-in-the-wall to rather more posh establishments like Abri Soba. Haikara is such a hole in … Read More

Forest Restaurant

A Postmodern Refuge

16th arrondissement Contemporary French€€€Paris Update Favorite

If you are visiting Paris’s Musée d’Art Moderne and can’t see the Forest for the art, go downstairs and out onto the spacious terrace with a gorgeous view of the Seine and the Eiffel Tower, located between the museum and … Read More

Cantine Russe Restaurant

Flashback to the '80s

16th arrondissement Non-French€€€

Men armed with Kalashnikovs circled the room. Loud popping sounds filled the air. Tensions were running high. We froze as one of the men carrying a Kalashnikov approached our table and lowered his gun, pointing it at my glass. Vodka … Read More