Marso & Co Restaurant

Life Is (Good) Food

13th arrondissement Bistro€€, €€€Paris Update Favorite

Much-lauded chef Tomy Gousset, owner of the Michelin-one-starred Tomy & Co (seventh arrondissement) and Hugo & Co (fifth), has just moved into new Left Bank territory – a corner of the 13th arrondissement not particularly known for its gourmet hotspots … Read More

Le Récepteur

Summer Surprise

16th arrondissement Bistro€€€Paris Update Favorite

On a recent Sunday afternoon, I was planning to give an architectural tour in the 16th arrondissement and was looking for a good restaurant in the area that would be open on Sunday evening, a near-impossible task. My two first … Read More

La Bécane à Gaston Restaurant

Too Much Like Home

10th arrondissement Bistro€€€

Another week, another slightly disappointing restaurant. This is getting tiresome. Once again, a friend and I had high hopes for a bistro, La Bécane à Gaston, based on word-of-mouth recommendations. Decor-wise, La Bécane resembles the restaurants I have reviewed in … Read More

Trois B

Juggling with Three Balls

19th arrondissement Bistro€, €€

I love meatballs. Who doesn’t? Well, vegetarians, I guess, but even they can eat at Trois B, a new restaurant in the 19th arrondissement specializing in “balls.” It is not the only one, however. The first one, reviewed here, had … Read More

Le Maquis

Taming the Maquis

18th arrondissement Bistro€€Paris Update Favorite

Not much is happening gastronomically out near the northern edge of Paris, although there are some cool places like the eco-friendly café/restaurant the Recyclerie. Now, however, a modest little bistro with equally modest prices and above-average food has opened. It’s … Read More

Padam Padam

A Bit of This and a Bit of That

18th arrondissement Bistro€€

I had high hopes for the new Montmartre restaurant Padam Padam (presumably named after Édith Piaf’s famous song) after reading a highly complimentary review in a French magazine, Télérama, which noted that the cheffe, Marine Thomas, had previously worked with … Read More