Where Are the Pop and Sparkle?

2nd arrondissement Bistro€€€

I’m slightly at a loss when it comes to reviewing Amadaé, a pretty little restaurant in the Sentier, Paris’s rag-trade district. It has all the ingredients for success, with a young Japanese chef, Kayori Hirano, who has done time as … Read More

Kitchen Terre

Designer Fusion Pasta

5th arrondissement Bistro€€, €€€Paris Update Favorite

I have always maintained that it is a bad idea to order pasta in a French restaurant, since it is usually overcooked and served with an uninteresting sauce. Now William Ledeuil, one of Paris’s leading chefs, has set out to … Read More


Big Bang from Small Plates

11th arrondissement Bistro€€Paris Update Favorite

Small plates and tapas are inescapable in Paris restaurants – and everywhere else – these days. Personally, I love them because they give me a chance to taste more dishes than usual without overeating (the drawback is that you sometimes … Read More

La Bonace

Who Can You Trust?

19th arrondissement Bistro

I have recently been led astray by two trusted foodie friends who recommended restaurants that turned out to be something of a disappointment. The latest was La Bonace, a little place near the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in La Villette, … Read More


Taking a Break with the Bourgeoisie

1st arrondissement Bistro€€, €€€Paris Update Favorite

On the trail of chef Yannick Lahopgnou, who used to work at Zébulon, recently reviewed here, I went to Odette the following week, which immediately recommended itself because it is open on Sunday. When we arrived, we discovered two more … Read More