Pianovins Restaurant

Music in the Kitchen

11th arrondissement Bistro€€€

I went to Pianovins with a food-blogger friend who had already been there, loved it and reviewed it. When he arrived, co-owner Éric Mancio – who, along with his partner, chef Michel Roncière, worked for Guy Savoy for many years – … Read More

Double Dragon Restaurant

Sister Act Goes Asian

11th arrondissement Non-French€€

Double Dragon’s reputation – both positive and negative – preceded it. I had heard that while the food was fantastic at this new Asian restaurant, the noise levels were extreme. The first turned out to be absolutely true, and the second, … Read More

Baieta Restaurant

Great on the Plate, Hard on the Wallet

5th arrondissement Contemporary French€€€€

The restaurant Baieta, owned by young chef Julia Sedefdjian, formerly of Les Fables de la Fontaine, has already been discovered by many American visitors, judging by the number of my compatriots eating there recently. It turned out that these are Americans … Read More

Le Train Bleu

A Trip Worth Taking

12th arrondissement Classic French€€€, €€€€Paris Update Favorite

The Paris restaurant with the most spectacular decor is, of course, Le Train Bleu, but its culinary credentials have gone up and down (mostly down) over the years as the restaurant sailed along, relying on its Belle Époque beauty and … Read More

Au Bascou Restaurant

Big Game Night

3rd arrondissement Bistro€€€Paris Update Favorite

Au Bascou is something of an institution on Paris’s Basque restaurant scene. Over the years, it has changed hands a few times, and now a new chef/owner has taken over, brightened the place up with a fresh coat of paint … Read More

Korus Restaurant

Love Reborn

11th arrondissement Bistro€€€

  I was saddened when a friend who, like me, loved the Basque restaurant Iratze told me that it had closed, but I recently discovered that it hadn’t really. The same owners, a friendly young couple, are still there, but … Read More

Grive Restaurant

Back to the Source

11th arrondissement Bistro€€, €€€Paris Update Favorite

Full disclosure: I went to the restaurant Grive with a friend who happens to be the mother of the chef. You will just have to take my word for it that this is an impartial review. I was worried about what … Read More