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des hommes et des dieux

“Des Hommes et des Dieux” (“Of Gods and Men”) was one of the top five French films in France in 2010 and may be nominated for an Oscar.

A few miscellaneous statistics to kick off the new year:

• In 2010, 62 of the most popular TV series shown in France were made in America, led by The Mentalist.

• The French went to the movies more often last year than they had in 2009, with attendance up 2.7 percent, representing 206 million spectators, a record for the past 40 years. Once again, they showed an overwhelming preference for American products: nine of the top 15 films were made in the States. The five most popular French movies were Les Petits Mouchoirs, Camping 2, L’Arnacœur, Des Hommes et des Dieux (Of Gods and Men, France’s candidate for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and certainly the most highbrow of the top five movies) and Arthur 3.

• On the museum front, the Louvre also set a new record last year, with 8.5 million visitors.

• The French may be culture vultures, but they are not too smart when it comes to smoking. In spite of a number of recent anti-tobacco moves, the number of regular smokers has risen by 2 percent over the past five years, to 28.7 percent of the population.


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