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Every Dog Will Have His Daycare

Above: Romeo, a Canicrèche boarder, peeps out of the exercise room. Below: the boutique.

It seems strange that no one has ever done it before in this city where the canine is king, but until the beginning of May, Paris was sans a doggie daycare center. Now a couple of chien lovers, Sophie Kauffmann and her husband Laurent, have opened Canicrèche, a smart boutique and dog-sitting center on the outskirts of the Marais.

Three dog trainers (with diplomas to prove it) take turns walking the dogs and putting them through their paces on the sophisticated “agility” equipment in the gym area. They also play with the dogs and train them in good behavior, as needed, when the pups aren’t dozing in their “bungalows” in the lounge downstairs.

You won’t see the velvet sofas and TV sets found in some American dog-care centers: “We treat dogs like dogs,” says Laurent. They don’t lack for comfort, however, with their cushions, toys and exercise equipment.

The spick-and-span rooms are decorated with imitation antique Parisian street furniture, including street lamps (so far surprisingly pee-free) and fountains, which serve as holders for water bowls.

The colorful boutique sells gourmet dog food and snacks (some of them imported from Italy), leashes, etc. Dog owners can also order portraits of their pets by professional painters or photographers, whose books are on display in the shop.

Canicrèche, whose concept the Kauffmanns are hoping to franchise, offer hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rates.

Canicrèche: 32 rue de Turbigo, 75003. Tel.: 01 42 71 59 09. E-mail: Web:

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