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Mystery Soirée
Morphs into Surrealism

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Some strange events occurred during “La Soirée Exceptionnelle.” Photo: Pierre Grosbois 2013A mysterious invitation to “La Soirée Exceptionnelle, 1972” recently turned up in my inbox. It came from a new group called Cinémorphe and promised entertainment, food and drink during an “extraordinary” evening. Guests were asked to dress elegantly or in 1970s style.

Having been asked not to reveal what happened during the evening, all I can tell you is that it took place in a handsome Latin Quarter townhouse and was indeed rather extraordinary, even surrealistic. Inspired by a film, whose name was revealed at a certain point in the evening (it was then shown in the basement screening room for those who wished to watch it), the evening involved contemporary art, performance art, and the promised food and drink, although not always in the form you would expect. It will be repeated this Friday, February 2, and Cinémorphe will be presenting other evenings with different themes in the future.

Cinémorphe is a group of theater and film directors, designers, video artists, performance

Paris Update Cinemorphe 335 2

Photo: Pierre Grosbois 2013artists, sound artists, actors, dancers and musicians who create pop-up events that might be based on a film, a work of art or even a product (for promotional events). This particular evening had been hosted by gallerist Isabelle Suret’s 7.5 Club, but future events will be held in different venues.

According to Cinémorphe’s founder and director, Romilly Walton Masters, the aim is to create a performance/visual context in out-of-the-ordinary locations “where audiences are immersed in situations and environments the sense of which is revealed at the end of the evening.”

Heidi Ellison
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