Even Napoleon Had his Josephine

May 26, 2009By Paris UpdateWhat's New Potpourri


Pourquoi tant de haine toward the French president from Britain? Well, it’s traditional, and then there’s the fact that Nicolas Sarkozy reminds many of Napoleon
. Along with the French failure to invite Queen Elizabeth to the 65th anniversary celebration of the Normandy landings, the British press is having a field day with Sarko’s new, more informal page on Facebook, which includes a video of the prez popping in unannounced on a chat between his Josephine – singer and ex-model Carla Bruni-Sarkozy – and a group of readers of a mainstream women’s magazine, Femme Actuelle. It’s true that Sarkozy is awkward in his supposed naturalness and Bruni is rather over the top in the way she stares lovingly at hubby, insistently strokes his arm and calls him “chou-chou” (sweetie-pie), but does it really deserve to be called “nauseating”? On second thought… Click here to decide for yourself.


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