Homme en Jupe

February 16, 2010By Paris UpdateWhat's New Potpourri



Dominique Moreau, président de Homme en Jupe

Dominique Moreau, president of the association Homme en Jupe.

Men in skirts are becoming an increasingly common sight in Paris, and France even has an association, Homme en Jupe (HeJ), formed in 2007, whose purpose is to promote the garment worn until recently only by women, Scotsmen and Jean Paul Gaultier fans, at least in the Western world. According to HeJ, which produces two comic books featuring male heroes in skirts, “Jupman” and “Sherlock Skirt,” men’s fashion today is extremely impoverished. The group’s manifesto states that anti-male-skirt sentiment is a form of sexism and demonstrates a limited view of masculinity. Another goal is to fight the “often virulent” prejudices against men in skirts. Next thing you know, they’ll be burning their jock straps!


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