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November 20, 2009By Paris UpdateWhat's New Art & Culture



la vitrine, nina jager, paris

Nina Jäger’s North Sea videoon show at La Vitrine, an art gallery in a window.

Artists Emma Malig and Fred Sapey-Triomphe have found an inspired way to give young artists exposure: they use a tall, narrow window on the facade of their studio as a display case for the work of a different artist every couple of months. Logically, they call it “La Vitrine” (39, rue Baron le Roy, 75012 Paris). The current featured artist is Nina Jäger, whose show, called “On Contemporanity,” consists of a hypnotic 16-minute video, “North Sea Seen from Aldeburgh, UK, Sunday, June 21, 2009,” which is certain to inspire philosophical ruminations in more than one passerby.


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