Paris Update Events 27.02.2019

Links to events happening this week in Paris

Through February 28

Flashback to the ’80s

Ending soon: France Années 80 celebrates the generation of filmmakers who defined the aesthetic of a decade.

Forum des Images, Paris

March 1-3

Hot tubs by the Seine

Swedish furniture giant Ikea will set up six hot tubs in the city center ahead of the opening of its Madeleine store in May.

Pont Neuf, Paris

Through March 31

Paris in pictures

Blogger and photographer Richard Nahem presents 12 years’ worth of photos of the City of Light.

Hôtel Pont-Royal, Paris

Through March 30

Fine art photography

Alexandra Gibson’s project The Collective Dream spans seven years and 16 countries.

Silencio, Paris

Through March 3

A barnyard in Paris

The Salon International de l’Agriculture brings the best of the country’s livestock and crops and the products made from them to Paris. Above: this year’s mascot cow, Imminence.

Porte de Versailles, Paris

February 16-March 10

Skating in the sky

A temporary ice-skating rink on top of the Montparnasse Tower.

Tour Montparnasse, Paris

Through March 12

Charlie Chaplin film festival

The timeless humour of the Tramp is celebrated in Chaplin’s Comedies.

Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé, Paris

Through March 18

A century of Japanese cinema

Big names and independent directors alike are showcased at the final instalment of 100 Ans de Cinéma Japonais.

Cinémathèque Française, Paris

Through February 28

Cross-cultural art exhibition

Three French and three Korean artists come together to exhibit their work on the theme of temporality in P:Rétro.

Centre Culturel Coréen, Paris

March 1 and 3

French films with English subtitles

Lost in Frenchlation presents Une Intime Conviction, directed by Antoine Raimbault (Friday) and Yao, directed by Louis-Julien Petit (Sunday).

Cinéma Studio 28 and Club de L’Étoile, Paris

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