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December 16, 2020By Heidi EllisonWhat's New Potpourri
A giant Berlingot éclair from l’Éclair de Génie.
A giant Berlingot éclair from l’Éclair de Génie.

French cuisine
Where to get the best Christmas bûches de Noël (yule logs) (Vogue). See also our article Holiday Dinners To Go.

A proposed new law would make French ham healthier but not as nice to look at by banning the use of nitrites and nitrates. (The Connexion)

Travel in France
Night trains are back in Europe! (CNN)

Frog eviction
In a blow to nature, a French couple has been ordered to drain their frog pond because it’s too noisy. (Guardian)

Architecture, design and urbanism
A contemporary decorator has revamped an 18th-century apartment redesigned by revered French interior designer Jean-Michel Frank a century ago. (Architectural Digest)

Shock colors and bold graphics give perfume brand Sillages Paris an unusual (for the sector) contemporary look. (Dezeen)

A French energy company is testing a cleaner way to heat homes in the Paris suburbs. (Next City)

Too many women in high places?
Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has been fined for appointing too many women to important posts! (Guardian)

Looking ahead to 2021
Find out what will happen in France next year (The Local)

Culture in danger?
Players in the cultural sector are taking to the street to protest the continued shutdown of museums, theaters and cinemas until at least January 7, 2021. (Euronews)


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