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February 17, 2021By Heidi EllisonWhat's New Potpourri
“ILYMNP” by Mark, a submission to the “I Love You, Moi Non Plus” project.

Cementing British-French relations
Artists are invited to submit works
to the I Love You, Moi Non Plus project to help mend bridges between the two countries after Brexit. (The Guardian)

Good karma
A French village that hid a Jewish man from the Nazis during World War II has been remembered in his will with €2 million. (Euronews)

#MeToo à la française
Has a series of recent pedophilia and sexual assault scandals changed the French attitude toward the #MeToo movement? (The Local)

Coronavirus news
A 117-year-old French nun who survived Covid-19 didn’t even notice she had it. (Smithsonian Magazine)

Big pharma in France has failed in its attempts to create a Covid-19 vaccine. (France 24)

The South African variant of the virus has reinfected a recovered French Covid-19 patient. (France 24)

Lessons learned
How the French reacted to the Covid-19 crisis and what it says about them. (The Local)

French politics
A far-right politician in the dock. (Euronews)

A proposed anti-Muslim law draws opposition. (France 24)



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