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April 7, 2021By Heidi EllisonWhat's New Potpourri
Reproduction of the Salvator Mundi, supposedly by Leonardo, after restoration.
Reproduction of Salvator Mundi, supposedly by Leonardo, after restoration.

Why the Louvre rejected the Salvator Mundi
There was an empty space on the well of the Louvre’s recent Leonardo da Vinci retrospective where the recently discovered painting, purchased by the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, for a record $450 million, was meant to be hanging. Here’s why. (The Art Newspaper)

Mask-free clandestine restaurants for the rich
While members of the younger generation attend illegal rave parties, wealthy French people dine out in elegant restaurants reserved for the privileged few. (BBC)

French French not good enough for Quebec
The language test for residency in Quebec is so hard that even some French-born applicants can’t pass it. (The Guardian)

Tiny Parisian apartments
How to squeeze a whole family into a one-bedroom in Paris – with the help of an architect, of course. (Dwell)

French #MeToo founder wins in court
An appeals court overturned journalist Sandra Muller‘s defamation conviction and ruled that she did not have to pay €15,000 in damages to the man she said had harassed her. (The Local)

Bailing out Air France
With EU approval, the French government will give up to €4 billion in aid to Air France, with a number of conditions attached. (Euronews)


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