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May 5, 2021By Heidi EllisonWhat's New Potpourri
John Singer Sargent’s 1878 painting "Fishing for Oysters at Cancale." Public domain
John Singer Sargent’s 1878 painting “Fishing for Oysters at Cancale.” Public domain
The Oyster Women of Cancale

In Cancale, Britanny, famed for its delectable oysters, the local women proved their mettle as both workers and managers while the men were off cod fishing in the New World. (Atlas Obscura)

Travel in France possible soon

If all goes well, Americans and other non-EU residents who have been vaccinated or have had Covid may be able to travel to France as of June 9. Here are some suggestions for destinations other than Paris. (Euronews)

Toilet talk

Cafés closed, where do you go while picnicking or promenading in Paris during lockdown? (The Local)

The end of the emperor

Today is the 200th anniversary of Napoleon‘s death in exile on the island of Saint Helena and, as usual, the very mention of his name stirs up controversy. (The Guardian) (The Art Newspaper)

Another emperor reunited with a missing digit

Thanks to a sharp-eyed curator, an ancient puzzle piece – a huge bronze finger – found in the Louvre was recently reunited with a colossal statue of Emperor Constantine belonging to the Capitoline Museum in Rome. (Smithsonian Magazine)

Far-right generals rear their heads

Predicting (or trying to foment?) civil war, right-wing French generals are to be punished for their warning about “suburban hordes,” code for immigrants. (France24)


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