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May 19, 2021By Heidi EllisonWhat's New Potpourri
"No. 316", 30th April 2020, by David Hockney. iPad painting. © David Hockney
“No. 316,” April 30, 2020, by David Hockney. iPad painting. © David Hockney
Hockney in France

David Hockney seems to be blossoming in his later years, and so is the Royal Academy of Arts, brightened by paintings of springtime made around the artist’s “seven dwarves house” in Normandy. (The Guardian)

Air crash accountability

Air France and Airbus will stand trial for involuntary manslaughter over the crash in 2009 of a Rio de Janeiro-Paris flight. (France24)

Eurostar rescue

To the delight of cross-Channel travelers, Eurostar, gutted by lack of business during the pandemic, will be bailed out. (Euronews)

Editing history

Long before Photoshop, departed spouses were being “disappeared” from images, as shown by the case of a medieval prayer book. (The Art Newspaper)

Victory for pedestrians?

The center of Paris may be nearly car-free as of next year. But will the plan increase traffic and pollution outside the restricted area, as it has in other cities? (The Local)


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