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October 27, 2021By Heidi EllisonWhat's New Potpourri
The city of Paris will spend €250 to expand bike paths and make them safer.
The city of Paris will spend €250 to expand bike paths and make them safer.
Biker city

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo is going all out to transform Paris into a bicycle-friendly city, building on efforts begun during the pandemic. (Euronews)

Future president?

The chances of Hidaldo and her fellow left-wing candidates are not looking good in the 2022 presidential race. (France 24)

Pompidou renovations postponed

The Centre Pompidou will remain open during the Paris Olympics in 2024, putting off a three-year renovation program. (The Art Newspaper)

Covid outlook

A columnist speculates on what’s ahead for France this winter – will Covid cases rise again? (The Local)

French island on the move

The French island of Mayotte has been moving eastward since an underwater volcano erupted in 2018. (Smithsonian Magazine)

Eiffel: a love story?

The new French film Eiffel mixes a love story into the saga of the building of the famous tower, but will it become the new Titanic, as its producers hope? (The Guardian)


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