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September 30, 2020By Heidi EllisonWhat's New Potpourri
The Citroën © maison-vignaux @ Continental Productions
The Citroën Ami. © maison-vignaux @ Continental Productions


The Guardian reports on how a young French writer, Pauline Harmange, became famous when she wrote a book claiming the right to hate men. 

“Ensauvagement,” a word loaded with racist overtones, sparked controversy and fear when used by a French minister, according to The New York Times.

French ingenuity

The Ami, Citroën’s “urban mobility object,” an adorable little cube of an electric car, may be the way of the future for city dwellers who want wheels of their own.

A French hairdresser has developed an eco-friendly way to clean up oil spills: with recycled human hair, says The Local.


Underwater sculpture parks in France? You’ll probably have to wear a rubber mask to see the artworks while swimming, but there will probably be little chance of catching Covid-19.

It would be a shame if the Centre Pompidou shut down for three whole years, but it may happen, according to The Art Newspaper.

The exhibition Gauguin and the Impressionists: Masterpieces from the Ordrupgaard Collection” has finally opened at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Read a review here.


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