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January 21, 2015By Heidi EllisonArchive, Restaurants


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The restaurant options around Les Halles are improving.

The dire dining situation in the area around the Forum des Halles seems to be turning around, or should I say pirouetting, since I recently ate at a good bistro there called Pirouette. The restaurant is located on a small hidden square in a strange one-story structure with high ceilings and big industrial windows that looks as if it had been tacked onto the building next to it. Its large, traffic-free terrace must be a pleasant place to sit in warm weather.

Like almost every other newish bistro in Paris, it has wooden tables and Scandinavian-style chairs (I love Scandinavian design, but something a bit out of the ordinary would be most welcome).

The service was just about perfect here: friendly, prompt and responsive. Once all four of us had arrived for lunch, the waiter popped up right away to explain the options: an €18 lunch menu with two courses (no choice for the starter and two choices for the main course) and another menu for €40 with three courses and a choice of anything on the menu.

We all opted for the former (although I was already secretly planning to order a dessert).

The first course – cauliflower soup with herring – sounded almost unpleasant, but we were all willing to give it a try. We were glad we


did. The bits of herring provided sparks of flavor without overwhelming the delicate cauliflower, and the whole was pepped up with a touch of curry sweetened with some raisins, with plenty of croutons adding crunch.

Two of us had the onglet (hangar steak) – a hearty, flavorful chunk of good meat – with


rutabaga and small potatoes as a main course, while the other two had the merlan (whiting), which was fresh, perfectly cooked and jazzed


up the way I like it, with big fat capers and thin slices of radish, crunchy kale and a lemony sauce.

That dessert I insisted on ordering against the wishes of my more sensible friends was shared


by all four of us – and, believe me, it was more than enough for four. It was a fabulously rich and creamy rice pudding topped with caramel sauce. They seemed to enjoy it as much as I did, in spite of their protests that they “couldn’t possibly.”

We had coffee in an attempt to motivate ourselves to go back to work, but what we really wanted was a nap after that warm, satisfying meal.

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