June 1, 2010By Paris UpdateWhat's New Potpourri


Racial prejudice is on the rise in France, according to a poll taken in May by SOS Racisme and the Union of Jewish Students. More than 27.6 percent of the 1,029 respondents over the age of 15 said Arabs were more likely to commit crimes than others (only 12 percent agreed to this question in a similar study in 2009). A full 30 percent said Jews had more influence on the media and finance industries than other groups. SOS Racisme President Dominique Sopo said the increase in racist and homophobic attitudes was encouraged by the recent government-instigated “debate on national identity” and moves to ban the burqa and minarets, both of which clearly target Muslims. Homophobia is also on the rise, at 12 percent from 8 percent last year.


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