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November 4, 2014By David JaggardC'est Ironique!

C’est Ironique Sign of the Weeque


Spotted by reader Daniela Bak

Thanks to the widespread success and even widerspread renown of a certain American women’s wear retailer known for its titillating (and some would say asinine) catalogs, the English word “secret” has come to mean “lingerie” in French. The shop shown here, whose name evokes the French expression jardin secret (literally “secret garden”; figuratively, “whatever the hell you want to imagine that it might mean”), raises the bar on English abuse by sprinkling apostrophes around like royal heads under the guillotine.

It reminds me of what is perhaps my most favorite ever violation of English usage and common sense: There used to be a self-styled “Irish pub” here in Paris called the James Joyce, whose magazine ads invariably gave the name as (brace yourself): “Jame’s Joyce.” A’s though every s’ingle ’s’ ha’s to be s’eparated from s’ubs’equent or previou’s letter’s by it’s own apos’trophe.

David Jaggard

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