Sign of the Weeque 18.03.15

March 16, 2015By David JaggardC'est Ironique!

C’est Ironique Sign of the Weeque


Did you name your restaurant yourself?

Yes! My daughter thought of the name.

Oh — so you didn’t name it yourself.

Yes I did! It’s called “Yourself.”

You mean it’s named after me?

No, but that would be a good idea for my next restaurant’s name: “After Me.”

So you’re going to name another restaurant “Me,” and then a third one, after that, after me?

No, not “After That,” just “After Me.”

Oh, sorry — I misunderstood. So you’re going to name your second restaurant after yourself?

Of course the second one will be named after “Yourself.” I’ve already named my first restaurant!

Oh — so what’s it called?

David Jaggard

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