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Lucy Dixon in a still from “Bump,” a short film by Romilly Walton Masters.

You never know what’s going to happen next at a Ten evening. You’re having a drink and chatting with friends when suddenly the room starts to go quiet. Something’s going on… Everyone is gravitating toward the other side of the room. Naturally, you follow. They are watching a woman who is standing against a wall telling a story about something that happened to her recently. She seems perfectly normal until you notice that she is nervously peeling bits of paint off the wall as she talks. Before long, she is pulling big sheets of it down. You are spellbound by her story but concerned about her mental health.

No worries – it’s a performance by artist Carmela Uranga. When it is over, everyone goes back to the party. A little while later, it grows quiet again, and a silent film about a Parisienne looking for love is projected on the wall. Brilliantly concise and moving, it tells its story in only five minutes.

This is a work by Romilly Walton Masters, who, like Uranga, is a member of a collective of Paris-based women artists called Ten, made up of filmmakers, photographers, spoken word and installation artists, media professionals, singers, performers and musicians.

Now two years old, the group aims to “explore the crossovers between different forms of art, media and communication and to challenge, incite and change ideas about how things can be done.” The members of the group – which also includes Mary-Noelle Dana, Alice Dison, Lucy Dixon, Inka Ernst, Raina Lampkins-Fielder, Delphine Godin, Cadine Navarro and Carmela Salzano – often collaborate with each other on projects that combine their complementary talents.

Ten’s private party/performance evenings, which have recently been attended by a couple of well-known musicians, are always stimulating and just plain fun. They are becoming increasingly popular, and the group has decided to open them up to the public.

The next event will be held on Wednesday, May 21 at Le Pop-Up du Label.

Heidi Ellison

Ten at Le Pop-Up du Label: 14, rue Abel, 75012 Paris. Métro: Ledru-Rollin. Tel.: 01 77 11 04 24. Event begins at 8:30pm on May 21, but the bar and restaurant will open at 7pm.


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