Vive le Cinéma

January 4, 2012By Heidi EllisonWhat's New Art & Culture

The cinema rules in France. In 2011, French movie theaters had their best year since 1966, with ticket sales of 215.6 million, an increase of 4.2 percent over 2010, according to the Centre National du Cinéma. Sales to French films rose by an impressive 21.4 percent, to 89.6 million, the highest since 1984, representing 41.6 percent of sales, as opposed to 46 percent for American movies. The top-selling film of the year, at nearly 17 million tickets (making it the second best-selling French film, after , was the runaway French hit Intouchables (Untouchable) by Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, a comedy about the relationship between a wealthy white man in a wheelchair and his youthful black caretaker. The public loves it, but some critics find its stereotyping hard to take. Interestingly, only 1.5 million tickets were sold to the much-praised The Artist.



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