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Is This Going to Be a Whole Genre?

September 27, 2017By David JaggardC'est Ironique!

It is an established historical fact that French people like English trade names. By which I mean established by me in the history of C’est Ironique (I’ve written so many articles based on inadvertently funny or ill-advised English shop signs that I’ve lost count, but here’s a link to one of the more recent ones).

My question is: if we have to endure brain-dead puns like Serge’n Pepper spice mix and John Lemon soft drinks (which are actually of Polish origin), what are we in for next?

A barber shop called “George Hairrison”?

A dairy called “I Should Have Known Butter”?

A footwear store called “Ye Love Shoes”?

A poultry butcher called “Oeuf Eiffel”?

A casino catering to Chinese tourists called “Bet It, Lee!”?

A Beatles album called “Rubber Soul”?

I find it fitting that both of the examples pictured above have something to do with cuisine. After all, this is the country where:

It’s hard to see the “is” but it’s in there…

Note to readers: I have good news and bad news. I’m writing a book. And for that reason, until further notice, C’est Ironique will appear in this new, shorter format. Which is the good news and which the bad is subject to debate.


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