Le Daim

French Davy Crockett Goes Berserk

July 7, 2021 | Comedy | By Nick Hammond

When a French movie is described as a “comedy” and has a July release date in Paris, it almost invariably means that (1) it’s a generic film about a chaotic summer holiday with families/groups of mature male friends/bands of teens … Read More

Into the Night

Timely Apocalyptic Drama

March 3, 2021 | Drama | By Paul Scott

Flying has never been the same since the terrorist attacks of 9/11. That, together with decreasing seat sizes and the multiplication of extra fees, has taken the romance out of traveling. Like all thrillers, the TV series Into the Night … Read More


Gentleman Thief and Avenger

February 3, 2021 | Drama | By Heidi Ellison

France was long ridiculed for the poor quality of its TV series, but that has changed enormously in recent years, with more sophisticated and compelling works gaining worldwide respect, among them the dramas The Bureau and Spiral, and the brilliant … Read More

Emily in Paris

Lost in Translation

October 14, 2020 | Comedy | By Heidi Ellison

It’s a classic yet ever-popular tale: a young American realizes her dream of moving to Paris. It’s also a natural for a Netflix series, especially when created by the man who brought us “Sex and the City,” the producer Darren … Read More


Five Years of Teen Trauma

September 23, 2020 | Documentary | By Heidi Ellison

Director Sébastien Lifshitz is a brave man. For five years he embedded himself and his camera in the lives of two adolescent girls in the French provincial town of Brive, recording the traumas and joys of that fraught stage of … Read More

Été 85

Summer Love

July 22, 2020 | Drama | By Nick Hammond

Director François Ozon’s Été 85, originally scheduled to be part of the official Cannes Film Festival lineup this year before the coronavirus crisis forced the festival’s cancellation, is the first major movie to be released in France post-lockdown. It also … Read More


Madame Giannini, C’est Moi!

July 8, 2020 | Drama | By Paul Scott

In the 2019 French Netflix show Mythomaniac (Mytho in the original French), creator Fabrice Gobert, who brought us the neo-zombies of Les Revenants, focuses on the zombification of contemporary suburban lifestyles. Most horror takes place in suburbia, as if to … Read More

Ad Vitam

Happily Ever After?

May 27, 2020 | Drama | By Paul Scott

In the 1980s, a chance discovery revealed that a species of small jellyfish, Turritopsis dohrnii, which self-regenerates and never reaches maturity, is biologically immortal. This process is currently being studied by many groups of scientists around the world with a … Read More