Bill Burgwinkle

Bill Burgwinkle is Emeritus Professor in French & Occitan at Cambridge University and an Emeritus fellow of King's College. He has written several studies on the Middle Ages, including "Sodomy, Masculinity and Law," "Love for Sale: Materialist Readings of the Troubadour Razo Corpus," "Sanctity and Pornography in Medieval Culture" (coauthor), "Medieval French Literary Culture Abroad" (coauthor), and "The Cambridge History of French Literature," edited with Nick Hammond and Emma Wilson. He is also a devoted film fan, a foodie of sorts, an occasional singer (Honolulu Symphony Chorus), and a part-time resident of Cambridge, Stockholm, and Paris.

Vincent Doit Mourir

Paranoia Strikes Deep

November 15, 2023 | By Bill Burgwinkle | Film

It’s not all that unusual to find allegory lurking in current cinema and in media in general, especially in horror – one message hidden behind another, symbols that face one direction while pointing toward another, political dog-whistling in all its … Read More