How to Become Parisian in One Hour

February 7, 2010By Claudia BarbieriArchive

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Paris Update How to become Parisian in one hour 335“How to Become Parisian in One Hour” is currently one of the most popular stand-up comedy shows in Paris. Written and performed by Olivier Giraud, it offers a one-hour survival guide to intercourse (in every sense of the word) with the denizens of the French capital. Laugh? I could have cri(ng)ed .

With a certain amount of audience participation and in an English that even the French can’t fail to understand, Giraud takes his spectators through the hoops – how not to stand in line, how to be ignored in a shop, how to behave in a night club, how not to give up your seat to a pregnant woman on the Métro (“You play? You pay!”), how to be insulted by – and insult – taxi drivers and waiters.

A reformed waiter himself, Giraud knows his beast, inside and out. This is a one-hour master class in Parisian facial expressions, noises, language and body language.

It is staged in the Theatre des Nouveautés on the Grands Boulevards at the foot of Montmartre – a paradigm of a naughty-nineties Parisian theater, with cramped plush crimson velvet seats and a painted frieze of Grecian dancing girls decorating the balcony. Get cheap tickets from Claudia Barbieri


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