Roman d’une Garde-robe

November 5, 2013By Madeleine CziglerShopping

Fashionista of the Past

Paris Update Roman Garde-robe Musee Carnavalet
“Sèvres” evening gown, from the 1934-35 Lanvin collection. © Patrimoine Lanvin

Imagine opening the door of a fabulous dressing room belonging to a stylish Parisienne of yesterday. The lady in question is Alice Alleaume, whose family was closely linked to such Paris couture houses as Worth, Lanvin, and Chéruit from the time of the Second Empire until World War II. The exhibition “Roman d’une Garde-robe: Le Chic d’une Parisienne de la Belle Epoque aux Années 30” at the Musée Carnavalet (23, rue de Sévigné, 75003 Paris; tel.: 01 44 59 58 58; through March 16, 2014) showcases Alice’s wardrobe, a treasure trove of the finest pieces of couture, selected with exquisite flair by a woman who was on fashion’s inside track. Hundreds of remarkable pieces provide a glimpse into the roots of Parisian elegance and refinement, making it clear why the city became the capital of fashion.


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