The Q Factor

December 16, 2008 | By Paris Update | What's New Potpourri

Worth the Wait The Ultimate Cheese Guy can be found on the Square d’Anvers on Friday afternoon and next to Saint Eustache on Sunday morning. The best wine store I ever found in Paris closed a few years ago when … Read More

Première Etoile

September 16, 2008 | By Heidi Ellison | What's New Potpourri

Delivering the Gourmet Goods The media-savvy The ingredients and the recipe finally arrived around 9 p.m. Photo: R. Hesse posed for the cover of her own book. Some time ago, I bought an exquisite takeout lunch salad at a fancy … Read More


July 1, 2008 | By Paris Update | What's New Potpourri

Politeness Counts (Sometimes) A handshake, if not cheek kisses, is mandatory every time friends and acquaintances meet. Photo: J. Gascoigne Recently, while I was having an early evening aperitif with two friends in a smart brasserie near Trinité Church, two … Read More

French pharmacies

June 10, 2008 | By Paris Update | What's New Potpourri

Prescription for Well-being The French hope to stop smoking and slim down with the help of their pharmacies. Photo: J. Gascoigne They say that you will find a pub in almost every Irish village. In France, by contrast, you will … Read More

Smoking/No Smoking

May 13, 2008 | By Paris Update | What's New Potpourri

Indoor Smoking Out, Outdoor Smoking In Outdoor smoking can even be enjoyed while playing boules. Photo: J. Gascoigne Until the beginning of 2008, most images traditionally associated with Parisian life involved cigarettes: self-important intellectuals puffing away in Left Bank cafés, … Read More


September 4, 2007 | By Nick Hammond | What's New Potpourri

Bicycles Built for Two? Is the the Vélib’ dating service just around the corner? Photo © Paris Update Something extraordinary happened in Paris this summer. Normally surly Parisians were smiling at each other in the street. Some were even doing … Read More

Omnivore Food Festival

June 19, 2007 | By Paris Update | What's New Potpourri

Fun Fare A cooking demonstration being filmed at the Omnivore Food Festival. Perhaps it’s a sign of my philistinism when it comes to architecture, but I was surprised to learn that Le Havre has Unesco World Heritage Site status. It … Read More


June 19, 2007 | By Paris Update | What's New Potpourri

Mutata’s Realm Beyond Mutata Theziri – actor, clown, musician and puppeteer – tells stories about ogresses and other creatures in his hybrid theater. To the east of Père Lachaise Cemetery – beyond the 70,000 dead, among them many famous writers, … Read More