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December 6, 2015By Heidi EllisonWhat's New Art & Culture

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If I can do it, anyone can. Paris’s new Philharmonic, in an effort to bring the joy of making music to those who have missed the boat, has some interesting offers for the instrumentally challenged like me. My friend Audrey and I signed up for a course of five two-hour string instrument classes (instruments provided, with a choice of violin, viola and cello) for only €10 a lesson. Since the course was meant for adult beginners, we were dismayed to find that a few professional musicians had joined the class, but our professor, Alain Martinez, a paragon of patience, kept the pedagogy at our low level. At the end of the last class, we actually performed at the Philharmonic (okay, it was in our classroom, not on the stage) for an audience of friends and family, who were, luckily, very forgiving. Ravel’s Boléro has never sounded so… indescribable. Click here for more info. Heidi Ellison


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