What’s New in Paris: J’Irai Dormir Chez Vous

October 29, 2014By Heidi EllisonWhat's New Potpourri


If you are walking down the street anywhere in the world and are approached by a slight, handsome man wearing a red shirt and a strange contraption fitted with three cameras pointing at you, himself and the area around you, don’t be frightened. It is just Antoine de Maximy, star of J’Irai Dormir Chez Vous, filming a new episode of his TV series. De Maximy invented the camera harness himself so he can travel alone while filming himself not only talking to strangers in foreign countries but also asking them if he can spend the night in their home, a request that can lead to some interesting situations. In Berlin recently, a punk in a bar broke some of his equipment, but usually his charm and wit win the day, and sometimes even get him a bed for the night. The new season of this original, entertaining and often touching documentary, in which he visits Namibia, Argentina, Germany, Myanmar, Cape Verde, Spain and California, is showing on France 5. Heidi Ellison


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