What’s New in Paris: Night Lights, Centquatre attractions

February 26, 2013By Paris UpdateWhat's New Potpourri

Paris Update What’s New in Paris

The lights will go out in Paris on July 1, 2013. Or at least the lights in office buildings and store windows, as of 1am daily, for environmental reasons. Luckily, city centers that are tourist attractions are spared this new ruling from the Ministry of Ecology, so Notre Dame will still glow in the dark and the Eiffel Tower will still sparkle.

Centquatre, a cultural center on the edge of Paris, becomes more and more interesting with time as its huge spaces fill with new attractions. In addition to free Qi Gong courses on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, it now has a an upscale thrift store, Emmaüs Appartement; an organic market (11am-2pm on Saturday) featuring local producers; and, one Saturday per month, a free bal populaire. Explore the Web site for other activities.