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April 14, 2014By Claudia BarbieriFood Shops, Shopping

Curry in a kit

Paris Update Cook Indian

Dasary Shreevalli, a Paris-based international marketing consultant from Bangalore, recently launched a range of simple Indian cooking kits, under the “Cook Indian” label, to introduce the flavors of the subcontinent to novice chefs. Each kit contains a recipe and a pack of pre-measured ingredients – typically spices, a sauce and rice. The aim is to put a hot, fresh dish on the table in 30 minutes or less. The sachet of spices at the heart of each recipe is carefully assembled with authentic ingredients, and the sauces are homemade under Shreevalli’s supervision.

“Cook Indian is much more than just a delicious meal,” she says. “It entices your taste buds on a mystical voyage through the legacy of authentic Indian gourmet cuisine.”

The kits can be ordered online or found in fancy delis and groceries in the Paris region, including Les Délices d’Orient in the 15th arrondissement, L’Epicerie de Longueil in Maisons Laffitte, Un Vent du Sud in Rueil Malmaison, and Carrefour City in Issy les Moulineaux.-


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