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February 1, 2023By Heidi EllisonRestaurants, What's New Eat & Drink
Caramelized cod with Swiss chard and peanuts at Jeanne-Aimée.
Caramelized cod with Swiss chard and peanuts at Jeanne-Aimée.

When I first came to Paris as a tourist a couple of decades ago, visitors often made the remark that it was impossible to eat badly here. After many a mediocre restaurant meal, I soon realized that that dictum was patently untrue. Standards seem to be rising overall, however, and in 2022, we tested a bumper crop of marvelous little Paris restaurants. We are spotlighting a record 14 of them in our annual roundup of favorites. Click on the restaurant’s name for the full review.

Ultimate comfort

Jong-no Samgyetang

A couple of weeks ago, I finally went back to this hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurant after dreaming about a return visit for a full year. It serves the crispiest fried chicken, the most flavorful and satisfying vegetable galette, and the silkiest, richest and most sensual chicken soup you have ever tasted. It may seem strange, but this is currently my favorite Paris restaurant. The friend who accompanied me on the return trip is a new convert. Take note: Koreans in the know book ahead, even for lunch.

Homage to Monique and Valérie


We were wowed by Mova’s six-course tasting menu – culminating in a stunning tourte de canard (duck pie) – in this restaurant paying tribute to the culinary talents of the mothers of the young couple who own it.

Hipster daring


Lolo is trendy and expensive, usually both black marks in my restaurant rating book. Yet I loved it. Why? Crazy yet brilliantly done dishes like Scotch eggs or oysters with smoked sausage and béchamel sauce.

A true original


The jujube fruit may come from China and have an exotic name, but it has the humble flavor of an apple. Best of all, it has given its name to this marvelous restaurant whose chef is from Togo but who learned to cook in Italy and has a kind of genius for introducing flavors from many parts of the world to each other.

Open on Monday!


This stylish place satisfies more than one of the senses with good design and music and marvelous, memorable dishes like fish-skin chips or snowpeas with smoked trout and strawberries. 

High on meat

Bien Élevé

Deep sourcing goes into the choice of products here, with a special emphasis on fantastic, “well-raised” meat. The desserts are notable.

Playhouse for foodies


A playful decor sets the stage for a colorful meal full of startling, attractive (and delicious) ingredients.

Valeur sûre


This “semi-gourmet” Montparnasse restaurant has been around for many long years but is still guaranteed to show you a good time and a great meal of top-quality French classics.

A Batignolles best

L’Envie du Jour

The Batignolles area keeps adding great new restaurants, making it a bistronomic destination like the 9th and 11th arrondissements. With its creative seasonal dishes, this is another must in the quarter.

Après l’opéra

Bistrot des Tournelles

The regretted restaurant Gaspard de la Nuit has a worthy successor in this cozy, candlelit bistro, located near Bastille, serving excellent versions of French classics like daube, a slow-cooked beef stew. 

On track

Café Les Deux Gares

Who would expect a brilliant bistronomic meal in an old café located in a seedy area between two train stations? That’s what you’ll get here. Book your ticket now.

The perfect lunch spot

Notre Café

A café that has it all: great food; a quiet, attractive dining room; a lovely, traffic-free terrace; and a mission to help people with autism.

Out of town


Why head for a Paris suburb for dinner? Because this homey little Mom-and-Pop restaurant in Vincennes delivers a gourmet meal for an unbeatable price.



Complex, highly original French food made from ingredients sourced from the country’s best producers by a Korean chef trained at Ze Kitchen Galerie.

See our Favorite Restaurants by Arrondissement page to find a good restaurant in the neighborhood where you want to eat.


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