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No-Bull Chef Keeps It Simple

October 29, 2012By Paris UpdateWhat's New Eat & Drink
Paris Update Shaun Kelly au Passage
Shaun Kelly: an Australian chef in Paris. Photo: Nick Stout

Shaun Kelly, 28, is the new chef at Au Passage, the bistro everyone’s talking about in the 11th arrondissement. Originally from the small Australian town of Eumundi, he trained as a chef in Melbourne, Manchester and London before moving to Paris in March.

Kelly took over from Au Passage’s first chef – James Henry, a fellow Australian – in June. His culinary style is similar: modern, fresh, with an all-inclusive approach to food that he picked up while working with Fergus Henderson of St. John in London. Whether he is preparing fish, meat or produce, nothing usable is wasted or thrown away, making his food not just delicious but ecological as well.

An art student and punk rocker before becoming a chef, Kelly is friendly, gregarious and down to earth. “No bullshit,” as he puts it. He took time out from cooking recently to chat with Meg Bortin of The Everyday French Chef.

For Paris Update, he shared some of his favorite things.

10 Questions for Shaun Kelly

What is your favorite…

Dish when dining out?

Something I never had before.

Dish when dining in?

Something quick. Last night I had sardines on toast.


The Blues Brothers.


Punk rock.

Book of the moment?

Irish Freedom by Richard English.

Vacation destination?

I don’t know if I have a favorite. I’m going to Bretagne for Christmas.

Pastime on your day off?

Drinking wine beside the Canal Saint Martin. We meet up with the guys from Spring and James Henry.

Paris restaurant?

The Szechuan joint around the corner (Deux Fois Plus de Piment, 33 Rue Saint-Sébastien, 75011).

Paris bar?

Pop In on the Rue Amelot.

Paris neighborhood?

The 11th!

For a full interview with Shaun Kelly, go to The Everyday French Chef.



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