Heidi Ellison

Heidi Ellison, a long-time Paris resident, is a freelance journalist specializing in art, travel and literature. Her articles have been published in dozens of international publications, and she has contributed to a number of guidebooks on Paris and France.


Johnny Be Real

April 18, 2006 | By Heidi Ellison | Film

One of those inexplicable things about France is the near-universal adoration of Johnny Hallyday, a rock singer who made his name in the 1960s by singing French versions of American hits and dressing like a tough-guy rocker. Even today, at … Read More

Les Fernandises

April 11, 2006 | By Heidi Ellison | Archive

Heading South A neighorhood bistro serving southwestern dishes with a strong Spanish influence. Everything’s been turned upside-down in this neighborhood bistro, which used to serve excellent specialties from Normandy in a gloomy ambiance that made you wish antidepressants were served … Read More

Aux Crus de Bourgogne

March 21, 2006 | By Heidi Ellison | Archive

Resisting Time The restaurant hasn’t changed much since 1932. Lovers of Paris don’t like the city to change, and while that may be a retrograde attitude, it is still extremely comforting to return many years later to a restaurant you … Read More

Toi et Moi

Photo Romance

March 14, 2006 | By Heidi Ellison | Film

The conceit of Toi et Moi (You and Me) is that one of the main characters, the pretty, ditzy Ariane (Julie Depardieu), is the author of Toi et Moi, a roman-photo, a sort of comic-book version of a Harlequin romance, … Read More

Tokyo Eat

February 21, 2006 | By Heidi Ellison | Archive

Artful Dining Note: This restaurant is closed. Designer decor in a cavernous setting. A visit to the newly reopened Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris or its neighbor, the trendy contemporary art museum, the Palais de Tokyo, provides … Read More


January 17, 2006 | By Heidi Ellison | What's New Art & Culture

Sweet Sounds of the Suburban Melting Pot Something new for la chanson française. The young singer/songwriter Anis Kachohi may have been born and bred in a Paris suburb, but he is no car-burning delinquent, as the media would have us … Read More

Les Halles update

January 17, 2006 | By Heidi Ellison | What's New Potpourri

To Market, To Market Seura’s overview of what the new Halles quarter will look like, from the Bourse du Commerce (bottom) to the Cdntre Pompidou (top). Back in the 12th century, a marketplace was built on a former swamp in … Read More